September 19 2018

My Perfect Hash Tag Strategy For Social Media

  • Posted By: Gaurav

There are a lot of firms that do not realize the real importance of hash tags. This is the major issue faced by every start up company and due to lack of proper social media strategies they lose their

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Technological Trends That Drive My Attention Towards Email Marketing

  • Posted By: Natwar Negi

Information loaded with plain text and creative images no longer appeal the online audience and fail to attract them towards your post. Today, the internet users only focus on those content that are d

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September 12 2018
September 05 2018

What Attracts Me Towards WordPress?

  • Posted By: Ashutosh

Over the past few years, WordPress has facilitated millions of people worldwide in executing their business with several designs to choose from for their professional websites. It is a CMS website tha

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Ways to Boost Your Startup Growth Through Facebook Ads

  • Posted By: Gaurav

Your business requires you to focus upon fetching customer feedback through finding a product match for markets over bringing more users. So, you try to come up with solutions that resolve the problem

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August 29 2018
August 22 2018

Role of Technology in HR Department

  • Posted By: Disha

Lately, technology has been revolutionizing the Human Resource (HR) industry in keeping a track of the employee data, file storage and analyzing the employee performance. It is strengthening the HR pr

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What Makes the SEO Content Marketable?

  • Posted By: Vatsala

It is when you go beyond the keywords that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content seems meaningful. Here, content is about being SEO-friendly in every possible way. Just as the charm of content was

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August 08 2018
August 01 2018

Understanding Design Thinking

  • Posted By: Sonam

Design Thinking refers to the human methodology that designers have been incorporating to solve complicated problems for both the users and enterprises alike. It involves logic, empathy, imagination,

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Google Synchronizes the Ads and Analytics Feature

  • Posted By: XenelSoft Technologies

Since, mobile phones invaded the life of a consumer and became crucial as a connecting platform for marketers and their relevant customers, Google advertising business underwent significant changes ac

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July 25 2018
July 18 2018

Guide to Becoming an Exceptionally Good Web Developer

  • Posted By: XenelSoft Technologies

Going through coding tutorials, making portfolio sites and reading programming books are not enough for learning to build a website from scratch. Specifications are added, deadlines are met and above

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Quora Ads Fetch Big Results for Search Engine Marketing

  • Posted By: XenelSoft Technologies

It has been anticipated that Quora is to reach a fair share of its target audience within a year. Thanks to the innovative ways in which Quora Ads are to be used for targeting users at any point of th

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July 11 2018